Booking Process

Vessel chartering

Select the boat you wish to charter and send a request to the desired dates. A representative will inform you immediately of the prices in force at that time. You can see here the availability of each boat.

Once you have confirmed the reservation of the fare (by e-mail) from both sides, you will have to send us a signed charter contract, which we will send you by email, with all the information on the fare and the trip you have selected and:

  • 2 Offshore Sailing Diplomas (Recognized), for bareboat charters.
  • A description of their sailing experiences.

The charter contract is the finalization of the agreement between the company and the charterer, which reflects the entire agreement between the two parties and includes: the charter dates, the departure and return port, the shipping area, the cost of the legal taxes as well as and any discounts and extras, as well as the skipper’s fee (if requested).

You will also need to send us a signed list of crew list (20 days before departure), which you can download here. – a document we submit to the port authority before departure, indicating the names, identification numbers or passport numbers for aliens, nationalities.

Upon signing the boat charter agreement, you must send us a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total fare, payable within one week of receipt, by bank deposit or by credit card (using the payment system which will be is accessible through the special Link we will send you).

The remaining 70% of the fares will be deposited one month before the departure of the vessel, either by bank transfer or via Master Card or Visa, with a special Link that will be sent to you.

In the event that a vessel is booked in the last month, the individual customer must pay the full amount of the fare by signing the charter contract.


The amount of € 1,500 is pre-paid by the charterer to the company and covers any unforeseen damages or losses that are not covered by the ship’s security and incurred under the responsibility of the charterer. It may also cover any refusal by the charterer to deliver the vessel to a port other than the one agreed upon.

The amount of the guarantee is refunded in full by the checkout if there is no damage to the boat. It is paid at the port of embarkation when boarding in one of the following ways:

  • bank deposit or
  • with a Master Card or Visa credit card (commitment and de-payment during the checkout process).


The boat has full insurance coverage against damage to the vessel, gear and equipment and third party liability. Please note that the security does not cover the charterers’ personal items as well as their injuries in bareboat charters.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation amount is calculated according to the period between the day of cancellation and the day of departure.
In the event that the charterer wishes for any reason to withdraw from the Agreement, it is possible to replace the charterer by another person who can take over the contract and its terms for the same period of time.
In case of cancellation after signing the contract and for up to 90 days before the fare will be charged € 350.
For cancellations between 89 and 60 days before the fare will be charged an amount equal to 30% of the total fare.
For cancellations up to 59 days before the fare will be charged an amount equal to 50% of the total fare.

Arrival and departure procedures

Our boat will be ready for delivery to the charterer upon arrival at the bottom of the vessel, agreed in the charter. Upon arrival, the company’s staff will guides all the passengers on board.

The boat is delivered on board, clean, with full fuel and water tanks and 2 bottles of gas.
During check-out the amount of the guarantee is refunded by deduction of any amount in case of damage or loss. The full refund of the guarantee is made in the event that there is no damage or loss to the vessel.
You will also have to send us one week before your arrival:

  • Number of passengers
  • Flight number
  • Scheduled time of arrival

What to bring with you

We recommend that you carry the following:
Glasses, cd’s – USB, hat, swimsuit, sunscreen, (preferably in the form of cream, not caroten), deck shoes (with soft white rubber sole) and sandals, some bermudas and T-shirts, a thin cardigan and casual outfit for the evenings on land. At the beginning and end of the season, it is necessary to have a waterproof jacket with you.
Prefer soft sackcloths and not huge suitcases with wheels because of limited space. The suitcases with the wheels destroy the board’s wood. You do not have to bring blankets, bed sheets, pillows, pillows.
Also supplies of food, water can be made in small installments in each port.
Also, if the freight is free of skipper (bareboat), you will have to bring us the original sailing diplomas.


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