Roundtrip of Halkidiki

General information

AREA: 2.918 s.khm. – COASTLINE: 550 khm. – POPULATION: 105.908

Halkidiki is a part of Macedonia region in northern Greece and is geographically the end of Central Macedonia in the Aegean Sea, which penetrates deep into it, forming three elongated peninsulas, giving the region its characteristic shape (“Halkidiki’s feet”). To the north-east there is the Marmari peninsula, between Akanthio and Strymonikos bay.

Halkidiki is a big peninsula, being surrounded by the Aegean Sea and only Northwest Byron. is united with the trunk of Macedonia through the region of Thessaloniki. In the southern part of Halkidiki, three distinctive elongated peninsulas are formed from west to east: the peninsula of Kassandra, the peninsula of Sithonia and the peninsula of Athos.

The capital of the prefecture of Chalkidiki is Polygyros with 6,121 inhabitants. The administrative center of Mount Athos is Karyes. The Halkidiki peninsula is administratively divided into the prefecture of Chalkidiki and the autonomous monastic state of Mount Athos. The northern part of the peninsula belongs to the prefecture of Thessaloniki.


Take the roundtrip of Halkidiki

Route: Ormos Panagias – Diaporos – Sykia – Porto Koufo – Paliouri – Posidi – Skioni – Limanakia Karras – Toroni – Mount Athos – Ammouliani / Drenia – Diaporos – Ormos Panagias.